Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Avril turned 26th in 2011 (part 1)

Totally a SURPRISE by BFFs & Besties!! I'm 'supposed' to meet besties on 4th Jan at "Stellar at 1-Altitude" to celeb kate & my bday but turned out to be BFFs.. Jas still direct me to the location when she's at hm.. LOL... ting said she'll be late and both sand & kate off their phones.. din suspect anythin..

There's actually many loopholes but the blur me, din realise anythin..
1st loophole: on 3rd jan durin our mj session, i asked: So wat time r we meetin tml? kate gave a 'Huh' look which i din see..

2nd loophole: FB conversation btw BFFs on 4th..
Mabel Mabel Chen January 4 at 2:40pm ReplyReport
shag!!! .. just came back from lunch la .. relaxie... i am thinking of how to solve my problem of getting there on time later... faint!!!
Mabel Mabel Chen January 4 at 2:43pm ReplyReport
i got meeting later shit man ... i hate it hate it hate it!! friends pls save ur friend..
3rd loophole: the lady at the restaurant asked 'hi welcome, your reservation under the name of? my reply was shandy yap but she mentioned Chantelle and instantly, she said 'Oh shandy yap'
The lady showed me to my seat n i asked: erm, my fren (jas) has already reached but whr is she? Lady replied: oh she went to the ladies so you take a seat 1st.. i sat & called jas & her reply was oso she's in the toilet.. so of coz i nv suspect anythin either..

Funny thing was, all the staffs looked at me in a strange way so i tot my makeup got prob etc & immediately look at mirror.. SUDDENLY, 'Happy birthday to you, happy...............',  i turned n to my surprise was BFFs!! I shouted: 为什么是你们?! ok i was shocked & caught aback.. haha.. (was recorded down):  
 We had our dinner, another surprise in between was the present givin by the in-charge, BFFs got me Swarovski necklace (NICE) & chill at the bar on the 63th floor.. the view was really gorgeous!!  We left the place at 11+, sand & mw came to pick me as is along the way b4 we picked hubby up n went for supper at taman jurong.. enjoyed myself and really felt loved.. all tks to BFFs & Besties!! LOVE YA ALL!!! MUACKS!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quarterlife Crisis - Bestie Kate, Zac & my advance Bday + New Yr Countdown

Bestie Kate's bday: Sumo wanna give Kate a surprise.. so all of us except ting went to sumo's hs on 30th.. reached bout 8plus & kate nt back yet, so we relax inside sumo rm & plan on hw to surprise her : Once she open the door, we'll shout 'Happy Birthday' then sand will film it down.. so we were gan jiong as we dunno when she'll be back... we were startled by sumo's mum the 1st time, coz she was talkin to sumo's sis but we tot is yt come back liao.. so we were standin behind the door perparin, but mins passed n door wasn't open, so is False alarm..

I kept complainin tt my water level very high liao need to pee but i scared when i go toilet, she'll be back then, is really 2nd surprise for her.. True enough, i went to the toilet at my fastest speed but still was intercep by her sudden arrival.. open the door, both hubby & kate was stunned and slience for few sec b4 hubby shout 'SURPRISE' and shock the rest.. i was cut at my thigh while tryin to rush to the rm.. *Sobx* We had steamboat & Durian cake and all of us went hm ard 11+ almost 12.. Anyway, hope Kate had a great Surprise n Sumo muz be praised coz he called all of us up personally to invite us over, sweet! =)

Bestie Kate, Zac & my advance Bday + New Yr Countdown at Mount Faber Safra on 31st dec with almost full attendance (ws still out at sea so cannot join)... Worked half day then hubby picked me up went hm rest then MJ in the afternoon (Sand,Ting,Hubby&Me) then dinner at my place b4 sumo sent us to kbox... we had truckloads of fun & is definitely a crazy nite if you see the photos taken.. we had 3bottles of Martell, 1 bottle of Agerbomb & 4jugs of beer - all cleared by 11 + 2 (in-charge of kbox).. ended the party at 4am with all drunkards and reached hm at 5am.. Anyway shall end this post with a decent photo of the attendees of the nite and wishing all 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quaterlife Crisis - X'Mas Party 2010

Woohoo!! Is X'mas and it'll mean i'm goin back to my own hs... this yr celebrations all do at hm coz i cannot go out... had a great celebration with my family, besties & bffs..

22nd Dec with besties at my parents' place: We had LJS, SubWay, Ham, Roasted Chicken, Sashimi & Wine for the nite.. played cards n fam joined in.. glad all got along well.. n time for Gift XChange!!
TKS Besties for all the X'mas Gift and Definitely LOVE the BLING BLING PURPLE SWAROVSKI PEN!! Muacks!!  

25th Dec with Family at Chinatown / Hm / BFFs & Besties at my house: Part 1 - 12 noon, our family went to Chinatown Yum Cha for Lunch and walk ard before we head back hm for gift exchange.. Tks Er Jie for the fantastic Art Work on the bra which we were totally impressed by her, top from SanJie & Mei & hongjun for the nice logcake from bakerzin..
Part 2 - Family sent me back hm ard 6 then waited for BFFs to reach with the steamboat food.. we had steamboat & self deco cake.. we r the poser of the day.. LOL!!!
We love our pressies!!! Tks BFFs!!! Muacks!!
Part 3 - Drinking session with Besties from 11+ till think 2am? we were mad!!! camwhoring the whole nite and pls refer to the photos and u can understand wat i meant.. LOL!!
*For viewing of all the photos, please go FB.. =)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Quarterlife Crisis - The Joy/Surprise tt last only for 20wks

My mensus was late for a mth but i nv take much notice.. i told myself, i'm too stress tt's y late... it was the lunar 7th mth, so went to Clinton hs to pray etc..No. 1 Ah Pek told me to be careful n dun anyhow kneel.. Strange? so i asked, huh wat u mean.. he say go hm check then i'll noe liao.. so told choo bout it, he say, really meh?

Next day, we went imm, bought the test kit, went hm test... still can rem my hand was trembling when doin the test and when i saw the positive sign, i shouted to choo... he came runnin in the room, look at the instruction with his trembling hands and tell me, maybe go doc confirm better... i almost LOL coz his expression damn classic... hahha..

Our 1st appt was 21 Aug 9.30am at The London Clinic & Surgery for Women Pte Ltd, located just at our market area... reached, registered and wait for the doc, coz my bladder was not full yet so cannot do the scan... so when it reached the limit, i went in alone while choo outside coz he's scared.. hahaha... eventually doc ask him in and bravely and excitedly, we saw... it's 6wks and 5days and expected due date will be 11 apr 2011.. when we saw the little baby in the uterus and heard the heart beat, my heart melted and tears were rollin down... just so touched... really a mixed feeling... happy and scared... really unbelievable..

After the monthly checkup, mishap happened on 25th nov.. i'm bleedin n water bag burst.. baby cannot be kept in my womb anymore... strike with all the guilt, sadness, disappointment.. the baby was out of me.. i cried & cried.. Hubby, Families, Besties, BFF, colleagues all showered me with Care, Concern, Encouragement... tis happened so i had to do 30days confinement at my parents place..

Mum was the most XingKu person... every mornin, she has to prepare my drinkin water (consist of red dates, longans etc), bathin water (ginger, lemongrass etc), prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner, makin sure tt i take naps, slp early, take all tonics to build up my body..

Tks to besties who kept hubby busy with the MJ sessions, dinner etc.. Hubby always givin me all the encouragement msg.. we'll try again next yr after our Apr trip..


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quarterlife Crisis - Other events in 2010

The other events in 2010 with:

Family: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Picnic durin Public Holiday like Good Friday, NDP etc, Navy OpenHouse, brisk walk from HortPark to Henderson Wave, Lantern Festival, Parents' 30th wedding anniversary, monthly dinner at relatives place..

Hubby + Besties: Weekly dinner affair, almost everyday MJ session, drinkin session at my place or kbox, photoshoot..

BFF: Steamboat dinners, USS...

Colleagues: Sailin out, Dinners after work for catch-up with colleagues who no longer workin at CKB..

All these events mentioned are bonding time for Family, Love and Friends... I would treasure their love for the longest time ever..

*All photos can be found in Facebook*

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quarterlife Crisis - BDAY Celebrations of my loved ones in 2010

Avril is gettin lazy so will nt be updatin quarterly.. keke.. Anyway tis post will be on BDAY celebrations throughout tis 2010. Celebrations were held either at my hs, kbox, parents place, breweks, airport, batam or bintan clubmed and below will be the months of my loved ones bday being celebrated:

June: Bestie Jas & MW
July: Dearest Er jie & Bff Jovale
Aug: Bff Mabel
Sep: Bff Chantelle, Besties Sand & Ting
Oct: Hubby, Dearest Meimei, Mum & Dad
Dec: Dearest San Jie & Bestie Kate (kate's bday will be celebrated on 31st dec)

We always have loads of fun and laughter when we meet up... in 2010, the most diff celeb will be batam and bintan clubmed which were spent together with hubby, bestie sand and mw.. Clubmed is a place worth to go.. even the shy MW let his hair down, LOL... these trips were enjoyable and definitely memorable.. coz at clubmed, we did all watersports which i would definitely reject.. but when u r thr, u will just hack care and just go for it in order nt to waste the trip.. (tt time, i'm already 2mths plus preggy) the only thing i can't join after june would be drinkin.. coz all celebrations, drinkin cannot be missed out (only with family, we drink jolly shandy, Keke!).. so after the drinkin sessions in June, startin from july i did nt touch any alcohol coz i'm preggy le... so it means tt i owe my besties & Bff a toast which i'll make it up in our X'mas celebration! =)

*All photos can be found in Facebook*

Friday, December 10, 2010

Quarterlife Crisis - 1st Quarter (Feb-Mar)


Is the usual routine that we will go shop for the goodies etc for CNY... went with whole family to Ten Mile Junction Sheng Shiong Supermarket... 1day b4 reunion dinner, we'll go to jurong west to get food for reunion dinner and last min shoppin on the deco for CNY.. Enjoyed myself during CNY coz of the nice food and gathering for whole fam..


BKK trip with Hubby, Bestie Sand & MW from 17-20th Feb'2010:  This yr was the 1st time that we went holiday durin CNY.. indeed was a great trip which we 4 enjoyed..
Day 1: Platinum wholesale shopping craze!
Day 2: Erawan Shrine, Wat Muang Khae Pier, Chao Phraya River, Temple of dawn, Siam Paragon, MBK, Chinatown
Day 3: Platinum Mall, Ruamkatanyu Foundation (coffin donation), Patpong.
Day 4: Suvarnabhumi Airport - Home sweet home.
I missed the yummy bird nest in coconut, TOM YUM SOUP and the mango with glutinous rice.. YUM YUM!! wanna go back agn!!
As parents were nt ard, we 3 sisters went to support Sanjie's performance at Republic Polytechnic.. Good Job done to Sanjie & Cousin Bee Hua!!